Sunday, April 19, 2009

How to Stop Panic Attacks Now & Permanently Get Rid of the Problem

Experiencing a Panic Attack
People experiencing panic attacks may feel they are having a heart attack or they are dying. They may feel like they are suffocating or going crazy.

For some people, the breathing might become very rapid and their heartbeat increases.

Even though panic attacks may not be physically damaging to anyone, but they certainly can be very damaging psychologically. Frequent panic attacks are an indication that the individual suffers from anxiety, depression or acute stress.

While frequent or acute panic attacks demand medical attention, there are some ways you can deal with panic attacks when they arise.

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Simple Tips to Stop Panic Attacks and Gain Back Normalcy
In order to stop and cure panic attacks you need to slow down your breathing. If there is no medical reason for your hyperventilation, then you have to slow down how much oxygen you are getting into your body.

During panic attacks people start breathing very rapidly. In order to stop panic attacks you need to overcome this habit. Slow down your breathing as much as possible.

You may breathe into a paper bag. Or cup your hands over your mouth and breathe into your hands. Breathing into paper bag can be more effective than breathing into the hands.

The carbon dioxide will help in relaxing your breathing. Once your breathing gets normal, your heartbeat can become normal too.

Start thinking positive assertive thoughts. Stop the negative and weakening thoughts in your mind at once. Replace them with assertive thinking.

Start telling yourself that you can deal with this panic attack, you can stop panic attacks and lead a normal healthy life. Remind yourself that you are not going to die, that you have probably survived many such attacks before and that you are a strong brave person.

How to Stop Panic Attacks Permanently by Controlling Stress
Try to learn how to relax and manage your stress levels. Stress management is one of the most important factors in dealing with panic attacks. Remember that stress is not caused by any situation you face in life.

Stress is caused by negatively reacting to those situations. If you learn not to get affected by stressful situations, then you can overcome the panic problem quite easily.

Remember that stress is not a result of outside events, but its a result of your internal reaction to those events. It is upto you not to get stressed out!

Effective Cure for Anxiety and Panic
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Panic attacks and heart attacks seem so similar. A person who posted on my site says he literally ended up in ER on his first panic attack. Frightening experience. It is unfortunate many people have to endure this. I have some tips for dealing with anxiety attacks which maybe able to help someone. Thanks for your article.