Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tips to Prevent Panic Attacks - Tricking Your Brain

One of the major problem with panic attacks are not the attacks themselves, but constant thinking and worrying about when you will get the next attack.

Constant worrying about panic disorder will make you feel stressed out and can cause complete mess in your life. Effective tips to prevent panic attacks should address this problem and help you overcome thinking about it all the time.

Once you have had a few panic attacks, your mind may repeatedly dwell on the prospect of another such occurrence. You will always be thinking about the next panic attack. You will be wondering when the next attack happens, what will happen and how you will face it etc etc.

All such thoughts and constant dwelling of the mind will make you fearful and make you avoid various kinds of situations, places and people. This can have a huge impact on your life and cause unnecessary problems for you.

When any thought becomes an obsession in your mind, it is difficult to get rid of it in a hurry. The more you try to stop thinking about it, the more it appears to keep popping in your head time and again.

Human Brain and Panic Attacks Disorder:
However the good thing is that the human brain may get tired and bored of thinking the same stuff repeatedly over a period of time. When the brain gets bored of a thing, then it is unlikely to return to it and you may find yourself thinking less and less about that particular thing.

The same can be true for your fears, phobias and panic disorder. Once your brain gets tired of thinking about panic attacks all the time, you may find yourself thinking less and less about them.

So one of the best tips to prevent panic attacks is to make yourself feel really bored of thinking about it. Instead of trying to get rid of the thoughts on panic attacks, make an attempt to get your mind bored of it.

Simple Technique to Stop Thinking About Panic Disorder
One interesting technique I found on this forum thread is to constantly and repeatedly think or say to yourself - "I am getting bored of this now" or "I am already bored of this now", "this panic stuff is so boring" etc.

Repeating such phrases out aloud or in your mind for a few days can trick your brain to get bored of the panic attack thoughts pretty soon and hopefully this will put a full stop to your panic attack obsession.

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Bryan said...

Panic is really attacking! But getting yourself busy can get rid of the thought having a panic attack. Be optimistic.

Michael Davis said...

Once you've experienced this, you will be worried and stressed as it might happen again. Tips you've shared are very helpful. Thanks!