Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Good Press Release Site - Very Cheap

Press releases are an excellent way to promote your new business or website. You can gain massive free exposure with the help of press releases. Whenever you launch a new website, product or service, try submitting a well-written press release to the top sites. You may instantly gain lots of traffic and top Google rankings.

The problem with many press release sites is that they are either too expensive to submit to, or the cheap ones don't fare too well in search engines. However some sites are free to submit to and can help in getting a lot of attention from the search engines.

One such site is the

Their press release submission service is very cheap. You can even submit a free press release, but it is recommended to pay a small fee and get some additional features. The paid submission is quite affordable with price ranging from $5-$30 or so.

Check it out here - Free press release

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