Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How to Sell An Idea or Product to Anyone - How to Make it a Best-Seller

There is an excellent short report by Seth Godin about how to make your products sell like crazy. You can get a free copy of the book. Download link at the end of this article.

Step 1 of the Plan:
The plan presented in this short report is simple - approach just one person with your novel idea or product and convince that person to try it out. Once you are able to sell to that person and after trying it out, the person should fall so much in love with it that he cannot help but recommend the product to dozen other people.

The person should become crazy about your product. He should consider himself very very lucky that he was able to get his hands on this product. He should be smiling to himself whenever he uses your product or service.

He should run to tell others about it. He should talk in an excited manner while talking about your product.

Imagine how this person would recommend your product to others. He wouldn't get tired of recommending your product to others. He will send an email to all people who he knows might benefit from this product. He will not recommend your product just once or twice but will keep on doing so whenever there is an opportunity for doing so.

If one such person falls in love with your product, then others who will try out are likely to do so too. They should get so used to your product that they cannot imagine living without it anymore now.

You can very well imagine the viral effect when 10 or 100 people start promoting your product or service in such a manner.

This is how quality products rise to fame. It is not a single person or company which will promote it, but many others will do so out of their own free will.

If your idea, product or service doesn't cause this level of excitement, then you are better off thinking of the next idea or product instead of working hard at marketing something that is not making people go crazy.

If just one idea or product of yours can make people go crazy then you might enjoy success comparable to that of Walmart, Microsoft, HP, Dell, Yahoo, Youtube, Google, Amazon, Ebay, Squidoo etc.

A New Perception about Marketing:
This book will give you a different perception of marketing. It is now about finding such winning products or ideas which will inspire people to tell others because it benefits other people and not just you. You will then no longer need to market your products too much as others will do it for you.

Your website is a product, your book or even a short article is a product. Your blog post is a product, an idea which you want to spread to others is a product, a service you are providing is a product.

Almost anything you are trying to market is a product and the above guidelines apply to it. When writing an article, try to make it so powerful that people will feel compelled to forward it to others rather than just read and a little later forget about it.

Finally, here is the download link to this short 5-page report:

Hope you will enjoy the book as much as I did.

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