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How To Stop Procrastinating Forever

Is procrastination problem ruining you work? How you wish that you stop delaying stuff and get the important work done right on time, isn't it?

Do not worry, procrastination is something that can happen to the best of us. There are techniques to help you deal with this problem. But the important thing if you want to stop procrastinating is to learn a little bit of self discipline and you should get into the habit of forcing yourself to do unpleasant tasks which have to be done.

Why We Procrastinate?
We can increase our productivity by more than 20% if we learn how to stop procrastinating. The major reason why we procrastinate is because humans in general tend to move away from pain and towards pleasure. So any activity that can cause you pain can make you procrastinate. The pain need not be just physical pain but can include things that we find unpleasant, boring, difficult, or if we have fear of failure, fear of making mistakes or any other fears or lack of confidence that we can do this task.

Can Strong Will Power Stop Procrastination?
A simple technique to learn self discipline and develop will power in order to overcome procrastination is to get into the habit of occasionally doing things that we find unpleasant. Think of some activity that you find mildly unpleasant. Make sure it is not something that you hate too much, just a little bit unpleasant or disagreeable activity.

Once you have decided on an activity, force yourself to do it for a few minutes. Keep doing this occasionally. You are training your will power as well as getting into the habit of carrying out disagreeable activities.

After some time, you may notice that you are able to easily motivate yourself to do tasks which you would have put off indefinitely earlier. You are able to do them when you are not in the mood, or you hate those tasks. This is because you have developed sufficient will power and control over your own self and over your emotions.

This self control is an important trait which you can find in almost all super-achievers of this world throughout human history. Without self control, we become slaves to our emotions, moods, desires, whims and fantasies. Once we start exercising self control, then we can endure hardships, adversities, challenges, face fears and end procrastination problem.

So do this simple exercise regularly to gain self control. Keep in mind to begin with something that is just mildly unpleasant to you and keep doing it until it becomes almost too easy. Then pick another activity and do likewise.

A person who is habituated to do only pleasant things and avoids unpleasant activities can never gain that self control which is required in order to be persistent, determined and go fiercely after our goals. Such people might become just dreamers instead of action-takers and achievers.

If you find that gaining self control would take a lot of time, and effort - do not worry. Just think, what worthwhile success in life was ever achieved without putting in a lot of hard work, sacrifice and time??

If you can gain sufficient mastery of self, you can easily overcome other bad habits you might be having which can stand in the way of your goals and dreams. This self control can be the key to overcome procrastination and get things done on time.

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