Saturday, September 6, 2008

Safe Weight Loss - Is it Possible?

Are you looking for safe weight loss? Congrats, as yours is a very good decision. In today's world where a lot of people look for quick fixes for everything without bothering about long term consequences, your decision to lose weight safely is really commendable.

There are many fad diets available in the market. A lot of weight loss programs and books are available. Each claims you can lose so much weight with their program.

But the real questions to ask are:
1. Whether you can really lose weight with these so called programs?
2. Is it really fat loss or water loss that you will experience with these diet programs?
3. Are there safe fat loss methods or are you at a risk of spoiling your health by following these weight loss programs?
4. Will you keep off the weight you have lost with these programs or will you gain it back later?

These are very important question we should keep in mind before embarking on any weight loss program.

The Bitter Truth:
The truth of the matter is many weight loss plans available in the market are scams. They won't help in weight loss. Still others can help you in losing weight, but there is a big question mark over their safety and whether or not your health will get spoiled?

And there are some other programs which might look as if they are very effective in weight loss,but what you are really losing is water weight and not really body fat loss. This can be bad for your health.

Some other diet plans can help lose weight, but only temporarily. Soon you might hit a dieting plateau (which means your weight loss will stop after a few days as your metabolism rate drops).

Most of these programs are not really a safe way to lose weight. Moreover they may not cause permanent weight loss. Many people seem to have regained back the weight they lost once they quit dieting.

So it is wise for us to aim for safe and healthy weight loss which is also permanent in nature. That is why it is better to steer clear of most of the weight loss plans available in the market nowadays.

So what is the solution?
How to lose weight permanently and safely?
Fortunately for many people, not all programs are scams. And there are some which have genuine weight loss information. These programs aim for healthy weight loss and warn against unhealthy methods like taking diet pills or weight loss supplements. They also warn against fad diets and starving yourself to lose weight.

One such program which has become extremely popular is the "Burn the Fat" Weight Loss Ebook. This ebook has been written by an expert in the field of fitness and nutrition. It is a massive book with more than 300 pages containing useful information for healthy fat loss.

You can read more about it in my article - Healthy, Safe Weight Loss Method

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Maryam said...

That is so true, all those weight loss programs out there are not entirely scams, but they make you lose weight unhealthily. Thanks for the links, I'm definitely going to check them out!