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Safe Weight Loss Tips

Here are some tips which can be helpful to lose weight. While you may not lose all the weight you want with just these tips alone, but they are very important things which if followed can help in better health, fitness and keeping your body in good shape.

Remember that all these tips are very very essential if you want to lose weight permanently and stay slim. I will not only mention the tips, but also tell you briefly how they can help in loss of weight.

1. Drink lots of water :
You may have heard this so many times that you don't feel like hearing it once more. But it is true. Water is so much beneficial for us. It can be good even for weight control.

Want to know why its important to drink lot of water? First of all, our body comprises of 70% water. Even our muscles contain more than 70% water. This can show you the importance of water in our body.

Our body needs water for various functions. Do you know what happens when we don't drink enough water? Our body starts to store up the water already present in the body. It would use less water for its functions.

This results in water retention in the body. The body would do everything it can t hold on to as much water it already has. If you start taking sufficient amount of water, the body would tend to cease holding on to water, and our weight might being to drop.

When I say that our weight might drop, it would mostly be water weight and not fat. However since we are drinking enough water, our body might function properly and the metabolism rate might also be healthy.

So by drinking sufficient water everyday, you are taking steps not to gain water weight atleast. In addition to that, your body can function more efficiently as it is getting the required amount of water it needs.

2. Eating smaller meals:
I will tell you a very good secret for better health and fitness. Sit down to eat only when you are feeling really really hungry. That means, wait till your hunger increases before starting to eat. And stop eating before you are full! That is our tiny little secret.

When you sit down to eat, don't eat till you are full. Finish your meals before your stomach is full. It doesn't matter if you feel hungry again within a few hours. You can eat again - this time also finish before you are full.

As long as you finish eating before your stomach is full, and as long as you eat only when you feel really hungry, your digestion should work fine and you might be able to burn the calories you have consumed. Ofcourse, it doesn't mean that you can eat as you like - you need to follow healthy eating guidelines and avoid junk food and fattening food.

You might think that it is difficult to stop eating when you still have some space left in your belly. But it might not be as difficult as you think because you know in your mind that you can eat again in a few hours when you feel hungry. You know that you are not going to starve yourself, and will eat anytime your hunger surfaces back.

So with practice, it should not be as difficult for you to practice this technique. Initially you may have to show a little self-restraint. Moreover, the next technique can be really helpful in following this tip.

3. Chew slowly and thoroughly before swallowing:

Do you know the advantages of chewing slowly for weight loss? How's this for starters -
A study conducted by Kathleen Melanson, who is an assistant professor of nutrition and food science at the University of Rhode Island, USA, revealed that women who eat their food slowly tend to stay slim.

There seems to be a very big relationship between chewing our food properly and staying slim and healthy. In our busy everyday life, we forget to savor our food. We just want to hurry up and finish eating as soon as we can.

Try this simple experiment - ask someone what they ate yesterday for lunch. In most cases, people would be unable to answer you or they will atleast take some time to answer it as they have to think hard about it. This can show us that they were really not paying attention while eating. Maybe there mind was in a thousand different places, and when this happens, chances are they were not chewing their food properly too.

After all, if you were really paying attention to eating, chewing well and savoring the taste of the food - it shouldn't have been so difficult to remember what you ate just 1 day back!

If you want to know the technical details of how chewing food slowly can help in staying slim, read on -
a. The food gets broken down in the mouth itself and mixes well with the saliva which can help in better digestion.

b. Eating quickly can result in production of gas as well as belching.

c. You will generally eat less when you are eating slowly. This is because of various reasons . Firstly, you may just get tired and bored of eating after some time and will want to finish off your meal - hence you can avoid overeating.

Secondly, since you are eating from a long time your mind may feel that you have had enough.

So now you know that eating slowly is good to avoid over-eating and lose weight, but how do you get into the habit??
Initially, it may take a bit of self-control and determination on your part as you have to consciously make an effort to chew well before swallowing your food. But with practice it can get easier.

Another good technique to help us chew food slowly is to eat a lot of high fiber foods like raw vegetables and salad, specially at the beginning of our meals. There are many other advantages to this, which are discussed in my article - eating vegetables, fruits for weight loss

4. Include some physical activity like walking in your daily schedule:
It is almost foolish to expect healthy weight loss and staying fit without any kind of exercising or physical activity.

For most of us, our jobs entail sitting down for long hours without much physical activity. Furthermore, when we come home most people sit down for hours watching TV and are not involved in any activity.

Even while traveling we commute by cars, trains and buses. Walking and bicycling are not the popular mode of transport for many.

So you see, we seriously lack physical activity in our daily lives. That could be one of the major reasons of this obesity epidemic in modern times. The solution for this problem is atleast moderate physical action.

I am not saying that you should all go to the gym for hours everyday - No. But what I am saying is that you should get some physical activity.
Start walking for 30 minutes to 1 hour daily. Or start bicycling in the evenings. Go for pleasure walks in the nature when you are off work. All these little things can help.

When you want to exercise, start slowly so that you don't feel over-burdened and give up in few days. Then when it feels comfortable for you, increase the exercise a little bit by bit slowly.

Besides this, you can also do some easy exercises while sitting, standing or lieing down which are designed to help your body stay in shape and fit. There is a good ebook about this which has 36 easy to do exercises for remaining in good shape without difficult and strenuous workouts in the gym. Check it here - Get Fit While You Sit

To know more about healthy fat loss, read my article - Healthy Fat Loss Program

The above tips are to be followed throughout your life and not just for temporary period till you lose weight. It is also important to keep that weight off once you have lost it. This is possible with permanent lifestyle changes as mentioned above.

olid program:
The beauty of these tips is that they can be followed alongside any weight loss program that you may be trying out.

If you want to avoid scams and unhealthy programs, but want good healthy program for shedding off the pounds off your body, then don't forget to check out this popular program - Burn the Fat . It is a very good ebook which contains solid information for losing body fat in a healthy way.

All the best! Your comments will be greatly appreciated.

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