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Overcome Procrastination Problem With Strong Will Power

It is said that procrastination is the thief of time. We end up finishing things much later than we would normally do so if we hadn't procrastinated, isn't it? Chronic procrastinators always face this problem - they want to do so many things but either they don't do them at all or delay them much longer than they would wish. If you weren't facing this problem, you probably wouldn't be reading this article too.

You can overcome the habit of procrastination, if you develop a firm will power as well as determination not to evade things which are disagreeable or unpleasant to you. If you are courageous not to shirk responsibility, and if you value your time enough so that you treat each minute as precious and not to be wasted, then you can easily overcome the habit of procrastination.

Fighting procrastination is a matter of self-discipline:
Fighting procrastination means fighting yourself and doing what is required from you even though you might not be in the mood to do it, even though you might not enjoy doing the task and want to avoid it.

If you decide, that from now on you will make each minute count and will try as much as possible not to waste time, then you can find fresh courage and determination to fight your procrastinating urges.

If you can cultivate in yourself the 'do it now' habit, then you can enjoy a better life and be able to produce higher quality work. Think what will happen when you keep postponing some important task, but have to do it at the last moment. Wouldn't the quality suffer when you are doing it in a hurry? Is it not possible that you would have done a better job if you had taken the time needed to finish it without hurrying?

You do not have to wait until you are in the right mood to start something. You do not have to wait until you feel you are perfect. Perfectionism can also stand in the way of getting things done on time, or atleast getting started on time.

A far better strategy might be to start something, and as you go on you may realize some mistakes you made and can make necessary corrections and improvements. The final product, though not perfect, might be much better than when you had first started. But if you stall and not start until you feel you are perfect, then the time may never come or get unnecessarily delayed.

There can be many reasons why people procrastinate. I have discussed these reasons in my earlier article - Procrastination Reasons

But whatever the reasons for procrastination, you can overcome it with a little bit of will-power, determination and self-control. As I mentioned above, if you strongly make up you mind that from now on you are not going to allow wastage of time and you are going to value each minute, you can easily solve this procrastination problem.

Value Your Time:
In order to fight procrastination, this is what you need - start valuing your time, develop the necessary courage to do things that you feel like avoiding, develop the necessary self-control not to evade things that you find unpleasant and even if your work is not 100% perfect, do not worry. Make necessary improvements with time and then move on. Do not get stuck or too negative about it.

Since you have not been in the habit of fighting your desires and negative feelings, begin slowly at first so that you are not overwhelmed and defeated. You can start by doing things you find slightly disagreeable or unpleasant. Do such tasks even if you don't need to do them.

By doing few disagreeable things every once in a while, you are slowly but surely gaining more control over yourself and your emotions. This skill can stand you in very good stead in your life. And it is such an easy technique to practice which can also be fun.

Slowly Moving Out of Comfort Zone:
You are becoming a master of yourself rather than a slave to your thoughts and feelings. It is your feelings which have to submit to your will and not vice-versa. If you look at all successful people in this world throughout history - you can find most of them had control over their desires. The did things even when they didn't want to and avoided things which they desired.

If you get accustomed to the habit of facing disagreeable things and not being flustered by them, then you may find it easy to stop procrastinating. We all have heard of comfort zone, isn't it? It can become easier for us to step outside our cozy comfort zones into the unknown and unpleasant world, because we have steeled our wills.

If you are in the habit of totally avoiding unpleasant things, then you may become totally useless in times of adversity and difficulty, and in times of pressure and stress. You may find yourself unable to cope with these.

If you want to completely overcome procrastination in your life and also end other bad habits which might be hurting you, or your career, relationships, goals and causing frustration, then this resource might be the one for you - Bust Habits and End Procrastination

Hope you enjoyed the article.

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