Sunday, March 4, 2007

How to make sure your business proposal is heard by the other person

Here is a very important tip when you are going to present a business proposal to someone or while trying to make a sale.

Suppose you are meeting the manager of a company to present your business proposal to him or to explain about your product, make sure that you do not start your presentation before you are properly seated with him in his office.

If you become hasty and impatient and try to start your speech as soon as you meet the manager while standing or walking with him, it gives the impression that you are being too eager, overly excited or it may provide the impression that you do not value your own proposal much. How many salesmen do exactly this - they start pitching people even before the handshake is complete.

Make sure that you and the manager are seated properly in his office, relax for a couple of seconds before you begin your speech. This way you are showing that what you are going to present is important and valuable.

If during your speech, you find the manager getting disinterested and if he starts doing some other work like signing papers or looking at some object or studying some paper, stop yourself from going any further. Stop as long as its necessary to get back his attention.

If you continue your speech while he is busy with something else, there might be the risk of him missing some important piece of information which could be useful in you getting the deal. So, make sure that he hears everything you are saying. When he starts doing something else, stop your speech. He will notice it and re-focus his attention on you.

If he asks you to continue while he is doing some thing else saying that he is listening to you, do not oblige to his request. In this case you can politely ask him to finish his work then you will continue further.

Tell him that you do not mind waiting for him to finish his work so that you have his undivided attention. Such a statement should immediately catch his attention and he will likely feel that you value your proposal too much to just let it finish without bothering if someone is paying attention to it or not.

Imagine the effect it is going to have on him when he realizes how serious you are about your proposal and also imagine the opposite effect it will have if you just blabber without observing whether anybody is really listening to you or not.

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