Saturday, June 16, 2007

Self-help junkies

Are you a self-help junkie or do you know one? A self-help junkie can be defined as someone who reads a lot of self-help books, attends seminars, enjoys inspirational stories etc. but when you look at that person's life, you may find little improvements.

What could be the reason for this?
An article I was going through shed some light on this.

One of the major reasons that self-help junkies do not make as much progress could be because they don't take appropriate actions. They may read a lot of books, but when the time comes to take action they procrastinate, make excuses and avoid taking positive action. In fact, reading self-help material becomes a means of escape for them and it develops into an addiction.

There is no substitute to positive action, no matter how much you read and how many lectures you listen to. Unfortunately there are many self-help books that feed this kind of addiction by providing people with inflated stories, happy ideas instead of workable action plans.

So to get out of this rut, you need to take action. That is the real secret to making progress. This is a very useful article, read the full one here : self-help junkies

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