Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Earning money on internet

I stumbled upon a very interesting idea about internet marketing in this article: don't think about making money

The idea is this: dont think about making money, if you do then it might elude you and get you
frustrated. Instead, focus on pleasing people within a subject matter which you feel passionate about. If you change your focus to this then you may giving your business a solid foundation and you may not tire of growing it.

It looks an interesting idea... We really need to shift our focus from just making money to helping people. Money will most likely follow. Create websites of real value to people. Ask yourself, "What problems can I help people solve?".

Nobody's saying that earning money is bad or something like that. Even though, the primary
motivation for many of us while blogging or creating websites might be to earn money, but we have to forget about it for some time and while creating websites or writing content, focus solely on pleasing our site visitors with good quality useful content. This is the method recommended by Ken Evoy of sitesell.com too.

What are your views on this subject?

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