Friday, June 22, 2007

What's your definition of success?

What is your definition of success?
Everyone has some kind of definition for success. This definition affects what we think and how we view success and failure and how we go after our goals. In order to improve your chances of succeeding at something, you may need to change your outlook on success. This can be done by adopting a better definition of success.

A very useful definition of success is : Success does not mean that you cannot fail. Success means that you cannot accept failure.

This definition of success is very useful because it forces us to view failures as temporary things and not be disheartened by them. Whenever we attempt to accomplish anything, it is very likely that we will face initial failures and obstacles. If you are disheartened and give up, then you may not achieve what you had set out to.

Another problem is that whenever we fail at something, our confidence may be affected as a result of it. And any future attempts we might make at out goal, may be half-hearted attempts.

The above two problems can be easily overcome by adopting the definition of success I mentioned.

If you refuse to accept failure, you will try harder the next time whenever you fail. You will gather more information, work on your shortcomings and learn from your mistakes so that next time you can have a greater chance of succeeding in your goal. You will also change your focus from something you cannot control (i.e. the outcome) to something which you can (i.e. not accepting defeat despite repeated failures) and will keep on persisting with rock-solid determination towards your goals.

Isn't it a cool definition of success?

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