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Feeling sleepy all the time

Do you want to have more energy? Do you wish you didn't feel so sleepy and lazy throughout the day?

Well, here are a few tips if you are the kind of person who sleeps a lot or feels sleepy many times during the day.

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1. Wash your face:
If during the day, you feel sleepy then it can help tremendously if you wash your face with cold water. The cold water should drive away the sleepy feeling from you.

2. Go into light:
If you are sitting in a dark room, get outdoors into the light or atleast open the windows so that light can come into the room. When we are in darkness, our body produces hormones which make us feel sleepy. Exposing our bodies to light (specially sunlight) would stop the production of this hormone so that the sleepy feeling goes away and you may feel active again.

3. Get some physical exercise:
If your work involves sitting in one place for a long time, then get up and get some physical exercise whenever you feel sleepy. Lack of physical movement can also make us want to sleep. So whenever you feel lazy and your eyes are shutting down during the day, get up and take a walk, or do some other moderate physical activity till you feel your sleepiness is gone.

4. Deep breathing Exercise:
Whenever you feel fatigue or tiredness, do this simple breathing exercise and you might be amazed at the results:

Inhale air through nose for 4,5 or 6 seconds, then retain the air for about 3 seconds, then exhale through the mouth. One important thing to remember is that exhaling must last atleast 3 times longer than inhaling - for example, if you inhaled for 5 seconds, then exhale through the mouth for 15 seconds, if you inhaled for 6 seconds then exhale through mouth for atleast 18 seconds and so on. This is essential to empty all the air from the lungs so that you can get fresh supply of oxygen in.

Try the following experiment - push out all the air from your lungs. Pinch your nasal passages closed, keeping your mouth shut. Now, open your mouth. You can see that you still have some air in your lungs to exhale. So get into the habit of making that extra effort to empty your lungs of air.

The above breathing exercise was learnt from this website: which deals with exercises, diet and other tips to increase height and improve posture.

5. Take short naps:
Short naps during the day, specially during afternoon, can be very refreshing and also good for heart. Naps can instantly re-energize your tired body so that you can continue your work for the rest of the day. Read more about the benefits of naps here: take nap

6. Inculcate proper sleeping habits:
Find out if you are having proper sleep every night. Maintain a regular sleeping pattern, maintain a sleep log to keep track of your sleeping habits.

Do You Know These Big Problems You Get if You Don't Overcome Tiredness Problem?
If you feel tired and sleepy all the time, it can affect your life on a massive scale. You just cannot ignore this problem for a long time. It can have serious consequences on almost all areas of your life. Something has to be done sooner than later.

Constant tiredness can make you weak. It can weaken your immune system. Your health will suffer. Small things can become difficult for you. You won't have the stamina at all.

Your career and worklife are likely to suffer a lot. How do you think you can get ahead in today's competitive world without having endless supply of energy? How can you expect to achieve your goals and reach new heights? 

Why You Need to Overcome Tiredness Problem Soon?
You need to work on overcoming this problem. You have to do it in order to enjoy better health and improved stamina. You need to do it to improve your career or business prospects. You should do it for your family so that you can take better care of them.

Don't worry as there is help at hand. This problem can be solved even if you had it from several years.

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