Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fruits, Vegetables for Weight Loss?

In this article, let me point out the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables for weight loss. How can these help in losing and maintaining weight without the need of supplements or dangerous diet pills. First of all, lets find out why raw, organic foods are good for us.

Why is it good to eat raw, organic foods?
Many experts say that the more processed the food is the difficult it is for the body to recognize them. The more natural - organic you eat, the better you function. That is why organic unprocessed fruits and vegetables are so good for health.

How fruits and vegetables help in weight loss?
Fruits and vegetables have high fiber and water content. They give the feeling of being full quite soon. This makes a person to stop eating.

To lose weight we should consume lesser calories than we burn or burn more calories than we consume. It can be difficult for people to eat less initially.

This is where vegetables can be helpful. We can eat fruits and vegetables as they are satiating and it seems we feel full earlier so we are likely to eat less.

Remember that people feel full based on the volume of food they eat and not necessarily based on calories.

Low Fat Foods or Low Energy-Density Foods?
Eating just low fat foods is not the ideal weight loss solution. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and low in fat and energy density. People who consistently eat low energy density foods are likely to stay slim when compared to those who simply consume low fat foods.

It is best to eat raw, uncooked and organic fruits and vegetables. They can also act as snack replacements for unhealthy fattening snacks like chips, etc. Naturally fiber rich foods are better for weight reduction than artificially fiber-added foods.

You can further help weight loss by increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables and at the same time reducing the fat intake. Studies seem to show that people tend to eat more fruits, vegetables tend to lose more weight.

Benefits of Eating Vegetables and Fruits:
1. You feel full early because of the volume eaten
2. You tend to retain the full feeling for much longer, so that you don't feel hungry again soon
3. They are good for digestion
4. They have high water content
5. They are low on calories and fat, but high in nutrition and other essential minerals, vitamins etc.
6. They provide a lot of other health benefits besides weight control
Studies have shown that high fiber diets are likely to succeed in causing weight loss.

Not only that, but after losing weight you can keep that weight off by continuing with the habit of eating fruits and vegetables. They are beneficial in weight control and management.

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Anonymous said...

The environment too plays a role in the causes of obesity. The family home is an important place to learn about proper nutrition and enough physical activity. Attitudes, Habits, and beliefs about food selection and how to spend family leisure time are critical factors to forming a healthy relationship with food. Children spend a lot of time in school, their food choices at school become important and it was influenced by the school eating environment.

health said...

Hi Syd,

I enjoyed reading your post, your content is in line with what I beleive in and what I preach to my family so thanks for that, I particulary like the benefits you listed...